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Dr. Frederick Piwko specializes in family practice in Lockport, New York. Dr. Piwko has over 17 years of experience devoted to helping patients. Whether you are a current patient, or are looking for a primary care provider, we invite you to learn more about our practice. We hope that you find helpful information here and enjoy using the features that our website offers. If you need additional information about our practice, please feel free to contact us!

Dr. Frederick J. Piwko
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3805 Lockport Olcott Rd Lockport, NY 14094
Our basic philosophy emphasizes providing preventive medical care and promoting wellness. Care of the individual and family are the primary interests of the Family Physician, not just the treatment of an illness or disease. Our Practice is committed to providing quality healthcare to people of all different social, cultural and financial backgrounds. We are willing to work with every patient regardless of their health insurance status. If you are looking for a family practice you can trust, our office with dependable and friendly staff in Lockport, NY is the place for you.

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