Patient Education

What is Preventative Medicine?

Preventative Medicine is the specialty of medical practice that focuses on the health of individuals, communities, and defined populations.

What is the difference between and office visit and a physical?

An “office visit” is an appointment time to discuss new or existing problems. A “physical” or “preventive health exam” is a thorough review of your general well being.

What is a deductible and what is a co-pay?

A copayment can be called a point of service payment, something you’d give to doctors, other allied health workers, like physical therapists, and possibly to labs when you receive service. The deductible is the amount of money that you must pay before major services are covered, usually things like hospitalizations or surgery.

What Insurances does the office take?

Dr. Piwko’s office participates with multiple insurance companies, including the ones posted on the home page of this website.  Please call the office to ensure our participation with your insurance company.

What if I lose or wish to change my insurance company?

Please feel free to contant the office regarding participation with any insurance company you may be looking at or being offered.  The office woulod also like to invite patyients to utilize the New York State Health Exchange Website.  This website will assist patients without insurance in decision-making.  The website is: What if I do not speak English?

Please contact this office on week in advance of your appointment so the office can arrange translation services or an interpretor.

What if I want to help my Provider in managing my disease?

The Providers at Dr. Piwko’s Office want to make sure you are familiar with your disease and encourage patient input in the decision-making process for treatment.  There are a number of conditions that we treat, using evidence-based guidelines.  Here are some more common conditions.  They are as follows, along with links that patient can access to learn more about their disease state and the process of care of that disease:


Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD:


Hypertension or High Blood Pressure:

Treating Tobacco Use and Dependency:

Keeping up to date on Well Child Physicals: What if I need additional assistance in my health care?

Our office has partnered with Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Western New York to offer Health Coaching Services.  We started this as a Pilot Program in April.  It is open to anyone who has Blue Cross & Blue Shield insurance.  Some of the subjects that can be addressed are:  Weight Management, Diabetes Management, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Nutrition, Physical Activity, Food allergies and intolerances, Stress Management, even Smoking Cessation.  Feel free to contact Alicia at (716) 341-1578.

What type of feedback does the office receive from patients about staff and the Providers? 

The office conducts annual surveys and…

The 2014 Patient Experience Survey Results Are In!!!

Piwko Family Practice set out to improve its patient experience, particularly in the areas of health promotion and access.  Piwko Family Practice collects survey data from patients asking about their experiences with Piwko Family Practice.  The survey was composed of 10 questions that fit in five categories:

1.  Ease of getting care
2.  Waiting
3.  Provider/Staff
4.  Facility
5.  Confidentiality

Results of the survey reveal that primary care providers are communicating well with patients during visits, with 95% of patients reporting that their provider always explains things clearly, listen carefully and provide clear instructions.  But, the data also reveals that 13% of the patients surveyed felt there could be improvement on waiting for tests to be performed.  100% of the patients surveyed were likely to refer their friends and family to us.

Looking ahead, Piwko Family Practice will continue to work to build community support for the services we provide to our families.  These survey results help us know what we are doing well, as well as, help us identify those areas that need additional resources to provide quality healthcare to all those in need.

Your opinions do matter!!!

Thank you for helping us to provide you with the best possible patient care experience!